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SabiLaw Mentorship Network (SMN)

The passion for going somewhere new may never take you as far as your map can take you. Climbing on the shoulders of Giants is often a sure booster to greater heights and clarity. We help you mould and perfect the Giant in you. Only Giants can make Giants; our members are Giants.
The SabiLaw Mentorship Network (SMN) is a free mentorship network that connects yesterday, today and tomorrow leaders. We provide a horizontal mentorship system where mentors and mentees exchange knowledge, skill and attitude for success in diverse areas.
Join the SabiLaw Mentorship Network to gain the rare opportunity of being led in hand by legal, business, social and health Giants through your journey of life. Although success is subjective, we believe that a successful Giant must be medically fit, legally sound, financially stable and socially present! Hence, we focus on the Health, Wealth, Legal and Social well-being of our Giants.
Operational Path:

1. SabiLaw Mentorship Network (SMN) is a closed group exclusive to a limited number of law students and lawyers across the globe that pass the SMN Assessment. Candidates are only admitted after assessment, and this is subject to the availability of space.

2. SMN organises physical and virtual meetings for mentors and mentees as well as speakers and influencers of diverse specialties.

3. Opportunities for further studies, wealth creation, job placements and networking are provided to SMN members (Giants, as we fondly call them).

4. Periodic assessments are designed and implemented to ascertain the needs and transformation of members. A Giant at the SMN may be suspended or outrightly dismissed for breaching the program’s strict rules.

If you want us to join the SabiLaw Mentorship Network, kindly complete the form below. If you are successful, our team will contact you to join the Giants.

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