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To achieve our vision (a world where all persons understand and enforce their rights and duties) through our mission (to inform, guide and empower all persons on their Rights, Duties, Remedies and Enforcement Procedures), we invest our resources and collaborations on products and services focusing on:

  1. Legal Education and Related Disciplines
  2. Research and Publishing
  3. Educational Training and Advisory Services
  4. Guidance Counseling
  5. Vocational Training

Our products and services include the following:



If laws are for persons and businesses, why not learn them? After all, ignorant of the law is not an excuse. The biggest problem is how to start learning about laws without the rigorous processes for admission into law faculties and schools. It is worse since no single book teaches all laws.


However, it is easier if law courses could focus more on practical knowledge, skill and attitude devoid of unnecessary legal jargon and are self-paced and accessible to anyone, anytime and anywhere. With technology, we offer online courses on laws focusing on providing practical knowledge, skill and attitude to live, work and prosper lawfully in Nigeria and beyond. Our courses focus on Rights, Duties, Remedies and Enforcement Procedures that are relevant to our participants. Our online courses are self-paced and can be taken by anyone, anytime and anywhere, and certificates are issued upon completion.




Undoubtedly, the quest for legal information and training is higher than the rate of internet penetration globally. They are more legal problems than the internet.


Hence, we offer offline (physical) and blended courses designed to provide participants with practical knowledge, skill and attitude on their Rights, Duties, Remedies and Enforcement Procedures to live, work and prosper in Nigeria and beyond lawfully. Our online courses are self-paced and can be taken by anyone, anytime and anywhere, and certificates are issued upon completion.


With the growing rate of specialization in the legal sector, the need for paralegals to support lawyers, courts and law firms keeps deepening. As Lawyers, Judges, and Magistrates are encouraged to utilize their time on core legal issues, they must employ the services of paralegals. However, the paucity of paralegals must also be improved, even in the face of high unemployment in Africa and across the world.


We have strategically positioned ourselves to continue training and equipping paralegals and providing opportunities for paralegals to work and support lawyers, judges and magistrates.




Our students at the Academy and our Faculty members are encouraged to research and publish to increase legal literacy and improve their knowledge and skill.  Expectedly, publish their works and go the extra mile to publicize our publications.




We invest in continuous research and development focusing on educational technology and innovations to improve education and learning experiences. We are constantly improving our learning systems and process management and also providing our technology to other institutions.




With formal training and licenses as educationists and teachers, we offer a long range of educational services, including Educational Training, Guidance and Counseling, Curriculum Development, Institutional Management and Educational Regulatory compliance.


There can only be meaningful intervention with data, so research sits at the center of every planning and intervention. Hence, we invest in legal, public policy and social research to understand the interactions and impact of several variables in our societies. We conduct Legal Needs Assessments for projects and businesses and measure post-intervention impacts.


We provide technical support for researchers, providing Data Collection, Cleaning, Analysis and Report Writing. Our experienced Data Collectors and Analysts teams have reliable networks with stakeholders and participants in the Justice Sector, from the communities, traditional and religious leaders, the courts, law enforcement agencies, legal practitioners, law teachers, students and law clinics and policymakers to correctional centers.


Lawyers and law firms often need advanced research that could support their cases in litigation and arbitration. Some want to understand their chances of winning or losing cases. We provide specialized research and chance analysis for lawyers, law firms and their clients.




With the growing need for increasing legal literacy, many social interventions have legal education and awareness components. We have over a decade of experience in legal education and awareness and a huge database of publications. With formal training and licenses in law and education, we collaborate and provide technical support for programs and projects that focus on legal education and awareness.

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