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Heroes do not often come with capes and caps. Heroes now come with a good understanding of their Rights, Duties, Remedies and Enforcement Procedures and a passion for helping people needing legal solutions. Many of the problems that people pray over and die over could be solved with knowledge of Rights, Duties, Remedies and Enforcement Procedures. Heroes are not lawyers either, rather, they are people that know their rights and are eager to help others.

SabiLaw Adovcates Association (SAA) is eagerly raising legal information, legal literacy and a formidable group of persons that now understand their rights and are eager to help others. The admirable group of persons that are dedicating their talent, time and treasure to provide free legal support to all persons are known as SabiLaw Advocates. They are the true ambassadors of SabiLaw’s vision; “A world where all persons understand and enforce their rights and duties”.

SAA is open to men, women and corporate bodies that are passionate about legal information and literacy and assisting the public with their resources. It is open to people who want to learn about their rights and are eager to help others with their knowledge and resources. They are the shining light dishing out legal information and supporting communities. They support the work of SabiLaw Foundation and other approved projects in their communities that focus on increasing legal information, legal literacy, and legal support.

Members of SabiLaw Advocates Association task themselves to develop their legal knowledge, render services, network and support one another. The SabiLaw Advocates Association is a membership-based organisation that helps members to acquire legal information, help themselves and others. SAA focuses on Justice and Networking.

SabiLaw Advocates Association is a three-tier membership-based organisation, with entry-level (Associate), full members (Members) and outstanding members (Fellows). The different levels come with post-nominals; Associate Members (ASAA), full members (MSAA) and fellows (FSAA). For example, Musa Sulieman, ASAA; Mrs. Rita Nwoke-Miri, MSAA and Dr. Olatunji Adegoke, FSAA.

Members of SAA meet monthly in-person and online, pay annual membership dues, and make free-will donations towards the projects of the SabiLaw Foundation and the approved projects in their respective communities. The SabiLaw Foundation prioritises the communities of the members of the SAA in designing and executing programs.

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